How to manage city trees in a changing climate?

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How to manage city trees in a changing climate?

How to manage city trees in a changing climate?

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I salute everybody from a very hot summer day making me pass out every 10 min.

I don’t know how you’ve been experiencing summer so far, but in my case I cannot go out before 8 p.m. This used to be a preference for me and now it has become a must. Imagine people who have no other choice but to work outside. A few years ago when I went to Morocco, I was so surprised people could manage to fast even at 43 degrees. How I miss the icy fresh orange juice sold at Jemaa-El Fnaa Square!

“This is the coldest summer of the rest of your life.”

When I saw this sentence on social media, reality hit me like a ton of bricks. It is an absolute pure fact we should talk about. Talking about the weather has always been something in England however it should be something in the whole world either in winter or summer. Because things are changing and every year we are feeling it “a bit” more. Let’s have a look at the observations & numbers of this year:

June 2022 was accepted as the 6th warmest June in the 143-year NOAA record. When it comes to global surface temperature it also has the 6th place.

“Temperatures were above average throughout most of North America, Europe, and Asia and across parts of northern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and western and northern Oceania. Parts of China, the Middle East, and northern Africa experienced record-warm temperatures for June. Sea surface temperatures were above average across much of the northern, western, and southwestern Pacific, as well as parts of the Atlantic and eastern Indian oceans.”  (Source:

From Antarctica to Africa, all over the world the anomalies have been observed. The sea ice extent on the poles hit a record low for the month of June, putting the living in danger. Africa has been experiencing the 10th warmest June on record. If you look at any wildfire map online, you will see Africa covered with Red colour.

From another point, wildfires continue in Europe, too. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France, Greece are massively suffering from the heatwaves and are swept through. The biological diversity is becoming in danger day by day. Thousands of people and animals are losing their lives, homes, farmlands. 

From my individual experience, I remember especially last summer’s floods, wildfires. Sometimes when we don’t experience these disasters right in the first place, we may tend not to see them actually happening. This might be a point of view holding us back from taking a step to make things better for a greener and safer planet. During the time when I was volunteering for the sea turtles in Turkey, it was my first time ever seeing the massive wildfires of 2021, which was quite frightening. I couldn’t help myself crying thinking about all those animals and humans losing their everything.

June 2022 wildfire map from the NASA website.

The global temperature is rising, nobody is sure if we will be able to keep the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal as a threshold like remarked in 2015 Paris Agreement. We should all be aware of these facts, disasters happening all around the world and take action accordingly. We’ve got one planet to keep green & blue. 

Sinem Kanmaz

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