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Umit Kaan Cengiz, 27 year old young professional multipotentialite person who is currently working on his doctoral thesis about Fine Arts Education and Its Contribution to the 21st Centuries5C skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking andcomplex problem solving” while his Bachelor and Master was about Visual Arts Education and Design. Since he is passionately working in many different areas and have various hats on as a Renaissance person, his expertise spans a significant number of differentsubject areas. He is former board member of Turkish National Youth Council (GOFor) as he is also in the youth field for more than 4 years already. Heis always eager to meet and exceed objectives and take on moreresponsibility. He has worked at many countriesin EU as well as in USA and in UK. Therefore, he is boundless to any culture as he is independent with his high confidence to work under any condition in any placewith hishigh adaptability skill. As he was a participant of Eyes of Cultures Project of DD in 2015, he started to volunteer first then as a junior Project assistant as he is now working in the board and take on more responsibility at Dynamic Development. Countries that Worked&Lived: USA, UK, Turkey, Italy, Romania.